Agios Ioannis, Magnesia, Pelion 37012


Since 1937 in the tourist trade in Pelion

At the beginning

On Pelion, one of the most beautiful Mountains of Greece, in 1937, a settlement with the name Agios Ioannis was established. Agios Ioannis is the harbour for the town of Kissos where the local boats could load fruit or timber from the wild chestnut trees still felled and used by carpenters today, and unload on the beach all sorts of merchandise, even exotic goods from the Far East. Dimitris Leventis, who was characterized as a pioneer, started building the first tourist accommodation.

Early 1950’s

The original, simple accommodation was converted in the early 1950’s to a hotel with beds for fourteen guests, named Hotel Kentrikon. The first visitors from Thessaloniki, soon to be followed by holidaymakers from Athens, made the hotel a regular meeting place and a centre of activity for their summer holidays. The YMCA, among the first to discover this holiday destination, and which has done so much to make it known not only to Greeks, but also to visitors from abroad, began in the 1930’s to bring young people here on camping holidays.

Guest from abroad

The holidays have continued until the present day, and now the third generation of campers has been enjoying their vacations in the cool shade of the plane trees.
The hotel began to welcome its first foreign guests in the late 1950’s. These were mainly Austrians from the area around Vienna, where the secret of Mount Pelion and the superb holidays to be enjoyed there had spread by word of mouth.

Our Philosophy

We have created a family environment, rooted in the traditional hospitality of the people of Pelion, preserving the rich heritage of tradition, culture and unparalleled natural beauty of this land. It has fallen to us to follow the footsteps of the pioneers in the tourism sector on Mount Pelion, taking into account the holiday requirements of today ‘s visitors for a comfortable stay with all modern conveniences. We offer our services with lavishness and generosity, striving to be worthy heirs and successors to our forefathers. Your holiday at the Boutique Hotel Kentrikon bears the seal of the Leventis family. Since 1937 in the tourist trade in Agios Ioannis and Mount Pelion.

Today, half a century from then, and through an organized attempt and participation in the tourist development of Pelion, the younger generation of the family of Leventi operate the hotel all year around. The hotel facilities combined with the services offered by Les Hirondelles offices have thousand of guests every year that follow a quality Management System that is in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

It is the personal attention to every detail and the high standards of the family, with their 60 years of experience in catering for tourists in the Pelion region, which will give your holiday at the Kentrikon Hotel its special character. One of the first hotels in Agios Ioannis, the Kentrikon was fully renovated in 1983 and extended by adding the Bungalows wing.

Recently, after the renovation carried out in 2000, the hotel offers top-quality service to its Greek and foreign guests. The hotel is open all year round. Located in the centre of the village the hotel is designed in the shape of an amphitheatre on five levels, with access ranging from 20 to 100 steps. The hotel is in a quiet area, just 30 metres from Agios Ioannis beach, 500 metres from the beautiful and deserted Plaka beach and 800 metres from the famous Papa-Nero beach.